Fraud Attack Manager

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Minimize Losses From Fraud Attacks

Immediately identify and isolate risky segments, and quickly establish targeted mitigation strategies to stop the bleeding.

Instantly Identify Risk Patterns

Uncover fraud profiles and patterns to implement prevention strategies without disrupting the customer experience.

Isolate The Problem

Contain the problem and limit loss exposure.

Fraud Risk Summary

An automated analytics solution to help organizations minimize losses from fraud attacks by immediately identifying where fraud is coming from based on transaction profiles and risk patterns.

What Does It Do?

Fraud Attack Manager performs a deep-dive analysis on all your transactions and compares fraud profiles to non-fraud profiles to reveal where fraudsters are targeting your business.  Every risk attribute is evaluated to determine a risk ranking of each attribute and the volume of good transactions for each attribute so you know what percentage of good customers will be impacted with a new fraud prevention strategy.

How Does It Work?

Fraud Attack Manager is a cloud-based solution deployed on Amazon Web Services (AWS).  You securely transfer a data file and within seconds results are delivered.

Fraud Strategy Performance

"Reduce losses from fraud attacks up to 50% by immediately isolating and managing compromised segments until new controls can be implemented."

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