Fraud Strategy Optimization

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Prevent More Fraud

Optimize your current fraud detection strategy to detect more fraud with your existing resources and technology.

Reduce False Positives

Save money by accurately identifying fraudulent activity and eliminating time wasted on false positives.

Improve Customer Experience

Confidently provide legitimate customers a “simple and pleasant” experience without increasing fraud risks.

Optimization Summary

An automated analytics solution to help organizations achieve and maintain peak fraud prevention performance by identifying the best combination of scores, business rules and alerts to detect fraudulent transactions with the fewest false positives.

What Does It Do?

The Optimization Solution analyzes each score segment, business rule and alert, and provides:

  1. a ranking of every score segment, business rule and alert based on fraud detection performance and false positive rates,
  2. a ranking of every score segment, business rule and alert based on incremental fraud detection, clearly identifying the best fraud predictors and those that do not provide any value.

How Does It Work?

The Optimization Solution is a cloud-based solution deployed on Amazon Web Services (AWS).  You securely transfer a data file and within seconds results are delivered.

Fraud Strategy Performance

"Fraud Strategy Optimization is the quickest way to reduce your total cost of fraud."

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