Consulting Services

Strategy Assessment

An in-depth evaluation of your organizations anti-fraud program covering everything from how fraud is defined to how you screen for fraud to agent experience and training.

Some core areas of focus include:

  • policies and procedures
  • feedback loops & training
  • targeting strategies
  • organizational structure
  • reporting & analytics
  • vendor selection & tools

Program Design

Custom programs designed for new businesses, a new acquisition channel, a new product or any business lacking a formal anti-fraud program. We work closely with your domain experts to develop a dynamic prevention strategy that will continue to protect your business from fraud as fraudster evolve and develop new schemes.

We provide support throughout the implementation process and will help draft policies and procedures, implement your detection strategy, build management reporting, and establish feedback loops and training programs.

Strategy Optimization

We are experts at optimizing fraud detection strategies and helping our clients prevent more fraud with fewer false positives using existing resources and technologies.

Anti-fraud strategies and fraud prevention tools become less effective over time as fraudsters develop new tools and new schemes, resulting in more fraud, more false-positives and increased losses.

Optimization helps ensure your Anti-Fraud Program maintains optimal performance resulting in lower fraud losses and fewer false positives.

Fraud Model Development

The best fraud detection strategies combine predictive scoring models with alerts and business rules. We have over 8 years of experience building fraud detection models using advanced analytics and machine learning.

We can build a model for you or we can guide your data scientists through the process providing best practices throughout the development cycle, from data selection to performance validation to implementation.

Vendor Evaluation

Fraud is a growing problem and because fraudsters are continuously developing new schemes there is no “silver bullet” solution. Vendors are constantly presenting new products and solutions promising to solve your problems.

As these new solutions emerge you need a disciplined approach to testing these solutions and quantifying the incremental value add to your existing strategies before you decide to invest. We can help you build a program for vendor evaluation and selection, or we can manage this for you.

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